Games Are Not Art

An examination of the link between Video Games and Art

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Civilization VI Review

I reviewed Civilization VI for Kill Screen.

Stellaris Review

I reviewed Stellaris for Kill Screen. Basic takeaway: the game doesn’t want to build up its own sense of alienness, and instead relies upon references to other sci-fi universes to do it instead.

Fragments of Him Review

I reviewed Fragments of Him for Kill Screen, and spent my time writing it reading elegies and mourning poems. It was not an upbeat weekend.

“Have a Little More Faith in That Dragon, Cancer” at Kill Screen

I wrote an article on the way That Dragon, Cancer presents faith for Kill Screen.

The Park Review on Kill Screen and The Atlantic

I reviewed Funcom’s The Park for Kill ScreenThen The Atlantic republished it on their website.

Corpse of Discovery Review at Kill Screen Daily

Here’s a link to my review of the charming, kafkaesque sci-fi game Corpse of Discovery over at Kill Screen Daily.

Sunset Review at Kill Screen

Here’s a link to a review I wrote of Sunset published by Kill Screen. In short, it’s a small, beautiful game that repeatedly asks what we value in art.

“The Tracking Shot and Action Games” at Kill Screen

Here’s a link to a piece I wrote on the aesthetics of the cinematic tracking shot and how they apply to video games over at Kill Screen.

“The Secret History of the Legacy of Kain” at Kill Screen

Here’s a link to a piece published at Kill Screen on the occult themes in the Legacy of Kain series, and why Nosgoth is, on one level, a profound disappointment.

“Hatred, Milton, and the Problem of Pleasure” at Kill Screen

Here’s a link to a piece I wrote on Hatred and the perennial problem of morality and pleasure over at Kill Screen.