Games Are Not Art

An examination of the link between Video Games and Art

“Farewell, Civilization V” on Kill Screen

I wrote a eulogy for Civilization V, on the occasion of the immanent release of its sequel.

The Apocalyptic Fandom of No Man’s Sky

I wrote about the way in which the fandom surrounding the upcoming game No Man’s Sky resembles those of apocalyptic believers at Kill Screen.

Civilization Sets in the West (Or: “Civilization is coming to Classrooms, and that’s a Bad Idea”

I talk a bit about the new CivilizationEDU as a way of getting at Civilization‘s problems with representing history and various concepts (like science and warfare) for Kill Screen.

Stellaris Review

I reviewed Stellaris for Kill Screen. Basic takeaway: the game doesn’t want to build up its own sense of alienness, and instead relies upon references to other sci-fi universes to do it instead.

The Aztec Pessimism of A Machine for Pigs

I wrote a continuation of my first piece on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for Kill Screen, this time focusing less on Lovecraft and more on the metaphor of industrialization.

Fragments of Him Review

I reviewed Fragments of Him for Kill Screen, and spent my time writing it reading elegies and mourning poems. It was not an upbeat weekend.

“Have a Little More Faith in That Dragon, Cancer” at Kill Screen

I wrote an article on the way That Dragon, Cancer presents faith for Kill Screen.

“Go Sunset a Watchman” at Kill Screen

I wrote an article for Kill Screen contrasting two unwanted works that came out in the summer of 2015: Go Set a Watchman and Sunset.

The Park Review on Kill Screen and The Atlantic

I reviewed Funcom’s The Park for Kill ScreenThen The Atlantic republished it on their website.

“Rambling Through the Garden” at Kill Screen Daily

I interviewed Jonas Kyratzes, one of the writers behind The Talos Principle, about how Talos‘ terminals use various cited texts, and how that relates to the core theme of the game. The interview/essay can be found here on Kill Screen Daily.