Games Are Not Art

An examination of the link between Video Games and Art

“Rain World’s Brutal Metaphysics” on Unwinnable

I wrote about Rain World‘s take on the natural world and rebirth for Unwinnable.

“The Garden Ages” on Heterotopias

I wrote about the way in which the Myst series blends the experience of traversing a landscape with reading a book on Heterotopias.

Civilization VI Review

I reviewed Civilization VI for Kill Screen.

“Farewell, Civilization V” on Kill Screen

I wrote a eulogy for Civilization V, on the occasion of the immanent release of its sequel.

The Apocalyptic Fandom of No Man’s Sky

I wrote about the way in which the fandom surrounding the upcoming game No Man’s Sky resembles those of apocalyptic believers at Kill Screen.

Civilization Sets in the West (Or: “Civilization is coming to Classrooms, and that’s a Bad Idea”

I talk a bit about the new CivilizationEDU as a way of getting at Civilization‘s problems with representing history and various concepts (like science and warfare) for Kill Screen.

Stellaris Review

I reviewed Stellaris for Kill Screen. Basic takeaway: the game doesn’t want to build up its own sense of alienness, and instead relies upon references to other sci-fi universes to do it instead.

The Aztec Pessimism of A Machine for Pigs

I wrote a continuation of my first piece on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for Kill Screen, this time focusing less on Lovecraft and more on the metaphor of industrialization.

Fragments of Him Review

I reviewed Fragments of Him for Kill Screen, and spent my time writing it reading elegies and mourning poems. It was not an upbeat weekend.

“Have a Little More Faith in That Dragon, Cancer” at Kill Screen

I wrote an article on the way That Dragon, Cancer presents faith for Kill Screen.